Control device: Remote controller

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Model: NV-A810

Year: 90s


Controlled device: Handheld game

Manufacturer: Casio

Model: The beam war CG-400

Year: 1988


Hard-wired year: 2004

Serial number: HWD-T-05

Collection: Tron

Dimensions: 45x35x5 cm

Cable: 25 cm

Power: 1.5v AA battery x2

Acquired by: Private Collection (Belgium)


Play: Start/on

Rew: Left

FF: Right

Record: Attack

Audio Dub: Joint

Stop: Off


The Casio LCD games are good quality and they still work in the new millennium. The sounds can be fun, and the artwork is mostly great. A few different series were made, with crazy titles like “Funky Pierrot”, ”Astro chicken” and “Dandy cowboy”. This one is titled "The beam war" and is hard-wired to a robust and well designed professional audio remote controller from Panasonic.

Panatron © Roger Ibars 2004