Control device: Arcade Joystick

Manufacturer: Industrias Lorenzo

Model: Telematch Profesional modelo 1

Year: 80s


Controlled device: Handheld game

Manufacturer: Unknown

Model: Highway 737

Year: 90s


Hard-wired year: 2004

Serial number: HWD-T-06

Collection: Tron

Dimensions: 40x50x15 cm

Cable: 24 cm

Power: 1.5v AA battery x1


Joystick lef: Left

Joystick right: Right

Left button: Mode

Right button: Sound


Possibly one of the greatest joystick in history. The Telemach Profesional modelo 1 was manufactured by Industrias Lorenzo, which still produces components for arcade games and is located in Catalonia, where I come from. This is what you expect from a joystick: a comfortable base, a robust stick and two big noisy buttons. Hard-wired to an unbranded handheld game.

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