Control device: Control pad

Manufacturer: Sega

Model: Master System 3020

Year: 1987


Controlled device: Handheld game

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Model: Donkey Kong II JR-55

Year: 1983


Hard-wired year: 2004

Serial number: HWD-T-04

Collection: Tron

Dimensions: 15x40x2 cm

Cable: 23 cm

Power: 1.5v AA battery x2


Control pad forward: Up

Control pad backward: Down

Control pad left: Left

Control pad right: Right

Button 2: Jump

Button 1: Game A


The Game & Watch series was a line of approximately 59 handheld electronic games made by Nintendo and created by Gunpei Yokoi from 1980 to 1991. Donkey Kong single-handedly transformed Nintendo from a small Japanese toy company to later become one of the biggest video game companies in the world. Donkey Kong II is the sequel to Donkey Kong. More than one million units were sold worldwide and this one is hard-wired to a original Sega Control Pad which came whith the Sega Master System back in 1986 to try to beat the Nintendo monopolio in the US.

Donkeytron II © Roger Ibars 2004