Control device: Control remote

Manufacturer: Conditec

Model: Teletrebol

Year: 1994


Controlled device: Handheld game

Manufacturer: Tronica

Model: Space Revenger SR-4IV

Year: 1983


Hard-wired year: 2004

Serial number: HWD-T-02

Collection: Tron

Dimensions: 30x35x2 cm

Cable: 35 cm

Power: 1.5v AA battery x2


Blue square button (1si<): Fire/start

Red round button (2no>): Fire/start

White triangle button (2): Left

Yellow star button (4): Right

Right side black button: Power


The Teletrebol remote control was one of the first remote controls for interactive television in Spain. The TV channel “Telecinco” launched it along with a quiz. During a TV program, you would have four possible answers to a rather simple question that you would answer on you remote control color coded keysr. Once you make your choice, you press the key and place the bottom face of the remote over the phone earpiece. By pressing a dedicated button on the remote this will dial a number and send your answer to a system. After the lottery process, you would receive a prize mailed at home. Hard-wired to a handheld game the remote is back for fun.

Treboltron © Roger Ibars 2004