Control device left: Hand controller

Manufacturer: Scalextric

Model: SCX controller

Year: 1982


Control device right: Hand controller

Manufacturer: Ideal Toy

Model: TCR

Year: 1980


Controlled device: Handheld

Manufacturer: Casio

Model: Karate fight CG-610

Year: 1988


Hard-wired year: 2004

Serial number: HWD-T-03

Collection: Tron

Dimensions: 60x35x4 cm

Cable lenght: 43 cm x2

Power: 1.5v AA battery x3


(TCR) tilt all directions: Karate movements

(TCR) fire: kick

(TCR) Back switch up: Player off

(SCX) tilt all tirections: Karate movements

(SCX) fire: kick


The TCR (Total Control Racing) was a slot less track system that gave you more control over your racing cars. Because there were no slots for the cars to fit into like Scalextric, the TCR cars could change lanes. This was done by flipping a switch on the Hand Controller. However when the cars came to a bend they would always default to the outside of the bend due to gravity force. This two hand controllers are now hard-wired to a karate fight handheld game by Casio. Fight your opponent by tilting the two hand controllers in all directions. Ability to fight to yourself.

Karatetron © Roger Ibars 2004