Device: Coin operated kiddie ride

Description: Filming a device without users

Video length: 2' 09"

Location: Shopping Center in Queensway London


Year: 2003

Materials: None

Electronics: None

Programming: None

Dimensions: 150x160x90 cm
Power: 220V mains


"I would like to see products doing more interesting things with their functions. In product design we still have this idea of labor saving devices. Things ought to work first and most importantly: things need a user. With self-made objects I wanted to question this idea. I designed objects with a common premise: removing the user of the interaction equation. What would happen if we design objects without a user in mind? Are users using objects or are objects using users? I'm not sure but I think design is nowadays more interested in designing users rather that objects" Gizmodo interview 2005

User removed © Roger Ibars 2003

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