Control device: Joystick

Manufacturer: D

Model: St

Year: 80s


Controlled device: Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Nokia

Model: 5110

Year: 1998


Hard-wired year: 2006

Serial number: HWD-S-02

Collection: Snake

Dimensions: 30x50x15 cm

Cable: 47 cm

Power: Mobile phone battery


Start: On/Off

Joystick left: key 4

Joystick right: key 6

Joystick up: key 2

Joystick down: key 8

A button: cancel

C button: accept

A+B button: menu down


The shape of this fighter joystick was inspired and designed to celebrate the F-117A combat fighter that used “Stealth technology”.

Stealth plays Snake © Roger Ibars 2006