Control device: Joystick

Manufacturer: Daou Infosys

Model: Stealth SLSGEN-JSH10

Year: 80s


Controlled device: Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Nokia

Model: 5110

Year: 1998


Hard-wired year: 2006

Serial number: HWD-S-01

Collection: Snake

Dimensions: 30x50x15 cm

Cable: 47 cm

Power: Mobile phone battery


Start: On/Off

Joystick left: key 4

Joystick right: key 6

Joystick up: key 2

Joystick down: key 8

A button: cancel

C button: accept

A+B button: menu down


The shape of this fighter joystick was inspired and designed to celebrate the F-117A combat fighter that used “Stealth technology”. This technology covers a range of techniques used with aircraft, ships and missiles, in order to make them less visible (ideally invisible) to radar and other detection methods. This joystick is hard-wired to play Snake on a Nokia 5110 mobile phone. This model although considered bulky by today’s ultra-slim standards, was rugged, had excellent battery life and was one of the first phones to feature the game “Snake”. Nokia estimates that there are around 350 million phones in the market with Snake embedded which makes it one of the most-distributed videogames in history. It was also one of the first phones with a replaceable front facia, allowing users to customise their mobile

Stealth plays Snake © Roger Ibars 2006