Control device: Control Pad

Manufacturer: Hori

Model: LASERcommander HJ-9

Year: 80s


Controlled device: Alarm Clock

Manufacturer: Matsui

Model: CR 4550

Year: 80s


Hard-wired year: 2006

Serial number: HWD-C-20

Collection: Control

Dimensions: 30x45x11 cm

Cable: 59 cm

Power: Mains 220V


Select: Time set up

Start: Alarm set up

Control pad left: Change hours

Control pad right: Change minutes

Control pad up: Sleep on

Control pad down: Sleep off / snooze


Contrary to popular belief, Matsui company is based in the UK. The Japanese-sounding name was chosen as a device for fooling customers into believing the goods were made in Japan, since common perception at the time was that electronics from the Far East were of higher quality than European counterparts. The alarm clock is Hard-wired to a LaserComander controller pad from Japanese company Hori.

Laser Commander controls Matsui © Roger Ibars 2006