Control device: Light gun

Manufacturer: Sega

Model: Master System 3050

Year: 1987


Controlled device: Travel Clock

Manufacturer: Casio

Model: DQ-560

Year: 80s


Hard-wired year: 2005

Serial number: HWD-C-18

Collection: Control

Dimensions: 40x60x8 cm

Cable: 69 cm

Power: Mains 220V


Turn gun 135º+fire: Alarm set up (hours)
Turn gun 45º+fire: Alarm set up (min)
Turn gun 225º+fire: Time set up (hours)
Turn gun -45º+fire: Time set up (min)
Hold gun: Alarm off


The Master System’s version of the NES’s “Zapper” light gun was the Light Phaser, and was of higher quality. Modeled after the Zillion gun from the Japanese anime series, the Light Phaser looked so realistic that parents pressured Sega to alter it so that police wouldn’t think their children were running around with a real firearm. The gun is hard- wired to a nicely designed travel alarm clock from Casio. Tilt the gun and fire the clock to set up the time and the alarm.

Phaser shoots Casio © Roger Ibars 2005