Control device: Light gun

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Model: Zapper NES 005

Year: 1985


Controlled device: Clock Radio

Manufacturer: Sony

Model: Digimatic ICF-C3W

Year: 80s


Hard-wired year: 2005

Serial number: HWD-C-16

Collection: Control

Dimensions: 40x50x7 cm

Cable: 56 cm

Power: Mains 220V


Gun fire: Alarm set up/off


The orange Zapper appears as the weapon used by the title character of Captain N (N for Nintendo). The Game Master, a cartoon and comic book series was an animated cartoon series that aired on US, Canadian and UK television from 1989 to 1992. In the US, the show aired as part of the Saturday morning cartoon lineup on NBC. The show incorporated elements from many of the most popular Nintendo games of the time. The show was cancelled because criticism from government and watchdog groups that said that NBC's Saturday morning lineup consisted mostly of thinly-veiled commercials aimed at children. The gun is hard-wired to a Sony clock with only one functionality: fire the alarm.

Nintendo gun shoots Sony Digimatic © Roger Ibars 2005