Control device: Joystick

Manufacturer: Modern Dev. Co.Ltd.

Model: Amstick

Year: 80s


Controlled device: Clock Radio

Manufacturer: Eurofunk

Model: -

Year: 80s


Hard-wired year: 2005

Serial number: HWD-C-11

Collection: Control

Dimensions: 30x60x18 cm

Cable: 39 cm

Power: Mains 220V


Joystick forward: Time/hours set up

Joystick backward: Time/minutes set up

Joystick fw+top button: Alarm/hours set up

Joystick bw+top button: Alarm/minutes set up

Joystick left: Alarm off


History of electronics is also a history of thousands of unbranded products which come to the market to sell hightly demanded items. Here two examples of no-name/bulk-label products: a clock radio in a wood decorated plastic box and a joystick compatible for most of the late 80s personal computers like Amiga, Sinclair, Commodore...

Amstick controls Eurofunk © Roger Ibars 2005