Control device: Control pad

Manufacturer: Sega

Model: Megadrive 1650

Year: 1988


Controlled device: Clock Radio

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Model: CR1000L

Year: 70s


Hard-wired year: 2005

Serial number: HWD-C-08

Collection: Control

Dimensions: 35x60x8 cm

Cable: 36 cm

Power: Mains 220V


Control pad forward: Fast set up

Control pad backward: Slow set up

A button: Time set up

B button: Visualize seconds

C button: Sleep on


In 1988, Sega launched the first truly 16-bit game console. Sega beat Nintendo to the 16-bit market with the Megadrive and the machine established itself as being the cool machine to own. This ergonomic 3 button control pad which came with the console is hard-wired to activate the time and alarm set up functions for an oversized but slick Panasonic Radio clock.

Sega controls Toshiba © Roger Ibars 2005