Control device: Light gun

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Model: Zapper NES 005

Year: 1985


Controlled device: Clock Radio

Manufacturer: Philips

Model: D3142

Release year: 1986


Hard-wired year: 2003

Serial number: HWD-C-04

Collection: Control

Dimensions: 80x50x5 cm

Cable: 52 cm

Power: Mains 220V

Acquired by: Private Collection (Belgium)


Left gun: Time set up

Right gun: Alarm set up

Full fire: Fast setting

Half fire: Slow Fast setting

Right gun fire: Alarm off


The Nintendo Zapper Light gun was born back in 1985 in the US and was part of the successful Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Early Zappers were gray, but later the color was changed to a neon orange, due to the fact that many likened the device too much to an actual gun. Shooting with the gun on the left side sets up the time. The gun on the right side sets up the alarm and turns it off.

Nintendo guns shoot Philips © Roger Ibars 2003