Control device: Twin stick

Manufacturer: Sega

Model: HSS-0151 Twin stick

Year: 1996


Controlled device: Travel alarm clock

Manufacturer: IDEA international (Japan)

Designed by: Ippei Matsumoto (Industrial Facility)

Model: Jetlag

Color: White, green

Year: 2009


Hard-wired year: 2010

Serial number: HWD-corp-060

Collection: Corporation

Dimensions: 40x70x21 cm

Cable: 65 cm

Power: 3v button cell x1


Set up minutes up (time): Left stick left

Set up minutes down (time): Left stick right

Set up minutes up (alarm): Right stick left

Set up minutes down (alarm): Right stick right

Start set up: Hold 3 seconds any set up action

Set alarm on/off: Sticks top button (hold 3 seconds)

Alarm off: Sticks top button (hold 3 seconds)

Snooze: Sticks top button

Light: Sticks Front button


The official Sega Saturn Twin Sticks used with the Virtual On game released in 1996. Right and left joysticks allow for independent firing and control.

HWD corporation 060 © Roger Ibars 2010