Control device: Light gun

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Model: Zapper NES

Year: 1985


Controlled device: Travel alarm clock

Manufacturer: IDEA international (Japan)

Designed by: Ippei Matsumoto (Industrial Facility)

Model: Jetlag

Color: Black, green

Year: 2009


Hard-wired year: 2010

Serial number: HWD-corp-046

Collection: Corporation

Dimensions: 40x50x5 cm

Cable: 52 cm

Power: 3v button cell x1


Set up minutes up (alarm): Rotate gun left + fire

Set up minutes down (alarm): Rotate gun right + fire

Start set up: Hold 3 seconds any set up action


Light guns are very popular in arcade games, but had not caught on as well in the home video game console market until after the Nintendo Entertainment System , Sega Master System, Mega Drive/Genesis, and Super Nintendo. Nevertheless, many home 'Pong' systems of the 70s included a pistol or gun for shooting simple targets on screen. Traditional light guns cannot be used on the newer LCD and plasma screens, and have problems with projection screens. The NES Zapper, also known as the Beam Gun in Japan, is an electronic light gun accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the Japanese Famicom. It was released in Japan for the Famicom on February 18, 1984 (1984-02-18) and alongside the launch of the NES in North America in October 1985. The Famicom version of the Zapper, made for the game Wild Gunman, resembled a revolver-style handgun, but the North American version resembled a futuristic science fiction ray gun.

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