Control device: Control Pad

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Model: NES 004

Year: 1985


Controlled device: Travel alarm clock

Manufacturer: IDEA international (Japan)

Designed by: Ippei Matsumoto (Industrial Facility)

Model: Jetlag

Color: Black, red

Year: 2009


Hard-wired year: 2010

Serial number: HWD-corp-044

Collection: Corporation

Dimensions: 35x60x3 cm

Cable: 120 cm original from device

Power: 3v button cell x1


Set up minutes up (alarm): D-pad left

Set up minutes down (alarm): D-pad right

Start set up: Hold 3 seconds any set up action

Light: A, B, Start or Select button


Unlike the Japanese Famicom Controllers launched in Japan in 1983, the NES controllers lauched in USA in 1985 were pluged in -not hardwired to the system. The NES console changed the video game market permanently. When the NES was released, it was impossible to call a product a “video game” and expect it to be sold by stores, due to the video game crash of 1983. In 1988, video gaming was a multi-billion dollar industry. This astonishing turnaround not only cemented Nintendo's rise from a playing card company to a worldwide powerhouse, it also set the stage for Japanese dominance of the video game industry.

HWD corporation 044 © Roger Ibars 2010