Control device: Mouse

Manufacturer: Mouse System Corpor.

Model: M 4

Year: 1982


Controlled device: Travel alarm clock

Manufacturer: IDEA international (Japan)

Designed by: Ippei Matsumoto (Industrial Facility)

Model: Jetlag

Color: White, green

Year: 2009


Hard-wired year: 2010

Serial number: HWD-corp-010

Collection: Corporation

Dimensions: 35x50x4 cm

Cable: 74 cm original from device

Power: 3v button cell x1


Set up minutes up (time): Left button

Set up minutes up (alarm): Middle button

Set up minutes down (alarm): Right button

Start set up: Hold 3 seconds any set up action


This is one of the first optical mouse ever made (1982). The mouse was manufactured in Santa Clara, USA by a company called “Mouse Systems”. The optical system was made of two pairs of led/photo-resistor. One pair was responsible for the detection of the vertical movements and the other for the horizontal ones. The patent for this electro-optical mouse is by Kirsch, Steven T. He invented and owns a patent on an early version of the optical mouse. After bringing multiple successful startup companies through IPO and corporate buy-out, he became a multi-millionaire. In 2007, his personal fortune was estimated at $230 million.

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