Control device: Joystick

Manufacturer: Atari

Model: 2600 standard joystick

Year: 1977


Controlled device: Travel alarm clock

Manufacturer: IDEA international (Japan)

Designed by: Ippei Matsumoto (Industrial Facility)

Model: Jetlag

Color: Red

Year: 2009


Hard-wired year: 2010

Serial number: HWD-corp-001

Collection: Corporation

Dimensions: 30x50x13 cm

Cable: 46cm

Power: 3v button cell x1


Set up minutes up (time): Joystick forward

Set up minutes down (time): Joystick backward

Set up minutes up (alarm): Joystick left

Set up minutes down (alarm): Joystick right

Start set up: Hold 3 seconds any set up action

Light: Joystick orange button


The Atari 2600 is the godfather of modern video-game systems, and helped spawn a multi-billion dollar industry. Atari sold over thirty million of the consoles, and together with other companies sold hundreds of millions of games. The Atari standard joystick, developed for the Atari 2600 was a digital joystick, with a single ‘fire’ button.

HWD corporation 001 © Roger Ibars 2010