Geeky Cake Afterlife Roger Ibars 2009



Title: Geeky Cake, contribution to Afterlife exhibition in Lisbon, 2009


Afterlife by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau

The Afterlife project proposes the harnessing of our chemical potential after biological death through the application of a microbial fuel cell, harvesting its electrical potential in a dry cell battery. Here, technology acts to provide conclusive proof of life after death, life being contained in the battery.


To celebrate and embrace this new technical advancement and proof of Afterlife, I designed and baked a cake with a shape of a type C battery. Similar events in history include the following:


In July 1946 Admirals Blandy and Lowry celebrated the atomic underwater explosions in Marshall Islands by baking a cake with a shape of the atomic bomb mushroom.

In October 1963 Major General Edwin Burba welcomed the armored division in Germany by serving a 160 kg cake in the shape of a tank.

In August 2008 WIRED magazine front cover featured a picture of Martha Stewart baking a cake of the Nintendo Wii game console.


Shape: Type C battery

Size: 38 cm high and 19 cm diameter

Weight: 11 kg.

Color: Black, white and silver

Ingredients: White chocolate, black colorant, praline, black couverture, milk couverture, cacao butter, sugar and hazelnuts.

Cake Master: Jordi Bordas Santacreu